What Factors Determine the Cost of Operating a Walk-In Freezer?

Posted on: 29 October 2019

Are you building a walk-in freezer in your restaurant? If so, it's essential to understand what it will cost you to run the cooler. These rooms are used to store foods that would go bad when left under room temperature; thus, they run 24/7 as long as your restaurant is in operation. This can translate into high annual energy costs. However, by analysing the factors that affect the cost of running a freezer, you can come up with an energy-efficient cooler.
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Two tips for those who want to tear down and rebuild their house extension after a bout of heavy snow

Posted on: 15 October 2019

If you want to get a demolition contractor to tear down your house extension so that you can rebuild it, but it has been snowing heavily lately, you should follow the advice outlined here. Get the demolition contractor to remove most of the snow and icicles before they tear down the extension After bouts of heavy snowfall, it's common for the roofs of buildings to end up covered in thick blankets of snow, and for icicles to form on the bottom halves of their guttering and fascia.
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3 Reasons to Add Head Restraints to Your Truck Seats

Posted on: 26 September 2019

If you've chosen truck seats without integrated head restraints, then your supplier may give you the option of buying add-on rests to fit the seats. There are some benefits to doing this. What are they? 1. Additional Protection in Accidents If your drivers use seats without head restraints, then they don't have full body protection in some accidents. For example, if a vehicle rear-ends them, then the force of the collision will push their head forward and back quickly.
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When And How To Organise Hot Water Repairs

Posted on: 3 September 2019

Having a hot shower or bath is one of life's little pleasures that people across Australia take for granted in the modern age. Unfortunately not everything always goes according to plan, and every now and then, hot water systems can break down. However, distinguishing between what is a hot water fault and what is a problem with other aspects of your plumbing or electrical system is not always so easy. If you don't know what to look out for, you may call the wrong person to fix your problem, so here are the things to look for when establishing what problem you have.
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