3 Reasons to Add Head Restraints to Your Truck Seats

Posted on: 26 September 2019

If you've chosen truck seats without integrated head restraints, then your supplier may give you the option of buying add-on rests to fit the seats. There are some benefits to doing this. What are they?

1. Additional Protection in Accidents

If your drivers use seats without head restraints, then they don't have full body protection in some accidents. For example, if a vehicle rear-ends them, then the force of the collision will push their head forward and back quickly. This can cause whiplash injuries.

If you add a head restraint to a seat, then it cushions and supports the back of the driver's head. It keeps it in place. As well as keeping them safer, this also reduces the chances that a driver will have to take time off work to recover from any injury they may have got in the accident.

2. Better Driving Support

If your drivers work long-distance or spend a lot of their time in their trucks, then they need comfortable seats. If you don't give them this, then they may suffer from neck and back stiffness and pain.

While ergonomically designed seats support a driver's body, a head restraint also helps keep things comfortable. If there isn't a restraint, then the driver has to work harder to keep their neck straight and their head up; these areas don't have any support.

This can cause both short-term and long-term neck problems. However, if you add restraints to your seats, then your drivers have support at the back of their heads. This makes it easier to get into comfortable positions when they are driving.

3. A Solution For Any Driver

Some drivers can't get comfortable in seats with integrated head restraints. If the restraints are fixed, then they may be too high or too low for some people.

A low restraint is a particular issue. If the restraint is set too low, then a head could be thrown back over it in an accident which could result in a more serious whiplash injury.

The head restraints that you slot into seats are usually adjustable. Each driver can set the restraint at a comfortable level for them. This makes things more flexible if you have multiple drivers using a truck.

To keep your truck seats looking good, look for manufacturers that sell optional head restraints that fit and match your seats. For example, if you're buying truck seats without integrated restraints, then you can buy headrests in the same material and design.


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