Unique Roofs to Consider For Your Home

Posted on: 29 July 2016

Building a home can be an exciting moment in time for any family. There are many important things to consider when designing a home. Finding the perfect contractor that will meet the needs of your family and home is critical. Not only must you worry about the wall color, door type and window shape but you must also consider what type of roof you want. Deciding on roof type is very tricky because only certain types can be put on your home, considering other circumstances.
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Tips To Repair Scratches and Abrasions On Leather Upholstery

Posted on: 30 June 2016

Although leather is a hardwearing upholstery material, it can be damaged by scratches and abrasions.  Severe damage should be dealt with and repaired by a professional leather upholstery repairer, but you can tackle minor damage yourself.  Here's how to do it: Repairing scratches Fixing scratches on leather upholstery is pretty straightforward.  In the first instance, try placing a dab of olive oil on a soft, clean cloth and rubbing it into the scratched area.
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