Take These Steps Before You Assume Your Commercial Fridge's Door Gasket Needs Repair

Posted on: 13 July 2022

If you've noticed that the temperature in your commercial fridge has been temperamental lately and that cold air is leaking out, the gasket is a likely culprit. But that's not always the case, and you need to double-check what's going on. This type of repair needs to be done quickly because keeping the cold air in the fridge is necessary for food safety, of course, but also because too much leaking air leads to the condenser working overtime and potentially wearing out earlier. Start by ensuring the gasket is really the source of the problem.

Make Sure the Gasket Is Actually the Problem

People sometimes don't realise what the gasket's true job on that door is. It is to ensure there is a complete seal between the door and the main body of the refrigerator. It is not something that helps pull the door closed, nor is it meant to keep the door closed, although it certainly helps in that respect. If the door does not appear completely sealed, press the door in; if it closes, then the hinges on the door might be to blame instead of the gasket. If the door does not close any further, then the gasket may be deformed and need replacement.

Try to Spot the Part of the Gasket That Appears Damaged

Look around the entire gasket, including at the bottom of the door, to see if you can spot additional damaged areas. Something may be stuck on the gasket that is causing the problem, or you could find mildew, which indicates additional issues with sealing up the fridge. The repair contractor should check out the gasket too, of course, but it helps if you know what might be causing trouble as well.

Call a Repair Service — Don't Try Fixing This Yourself

A fridge door gasket is not one of the hardest things to replace. However, in this case, for a large commercial door, DIY has two disadvantages. One is that changes to the company's models and record-keeping systems can cause model numbers to change. A repair service will already know which new model number to look for. The second is that these doors are huge, and your employees — and you — could easily end up damaging something else on the door or nearby. Better to have a professional installer do the work so that any damage is covered by their insurance and you get the gasket reinstalled for free if necessary.

Call a commercial fridge repair business to get started. 


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