Tasks Completed by Builders: A Guide

Posted on: 17 August 2021

Builders are a much-misunderstood lot who seem to only get noticed when they're up on-site doing construction. But there's actually more to their job than meets the eye. Builders can also complete a number of other tasks, such as surveying and measuring existing sites, refurbishing buildings, managing projects, and doing fit-out work. Read on to discover more!

Surveying and measuring

For many buildings, especially those with existing features such as internal and external walls and floors, it's likely that a builder will need to undertake surveying and measuring. When surveying a building, most builders will use either plain or magnetic-level gauges, tape measures and digital devices which map the space in 3D to make accurate measurements of all interior and exterior walls as well as floors. This ensures that any plans reflect the actual size, shape, and orientation of different locations in relation to other parts of the house, such as windows, doors, stairs and exits.

Project management

It's common for a builder to take on the role of project manager. This involves coordinating the various functions that need to be undertaken by different trades throughout a building project as well as liaising with owners and previous contractors to ensure that everything is going according to plan. When managing a project, builders will need to choose which trades are going to be involved in the job and decide who's going to carry out each of these tasks. They'll also need to make sure they get paid each week for their efforts.

Refurbishment work

Builders will sometimes be asked to complete refurbishment work if a property is requiring a makeover. The builders will work closely with the homeowner as well as any other professionals involved in the project, such as interior decorators or landscapers. The job will involve renovating existing buildings, which can be a much cheaper alternative than building an entirely new project. You may need to take down internal and external walls, install new windows and doors, re-wire utilities or install plasterboard walls.

Fit-out work

Fit-out work is usually required when building or renovating commercial properties that need improved security features such as glass splashbacks, high intruder alarms and security screens from windows. It can also be required in residential properties that have been built using low-grade materials that need to be improved or replaced.

If you would like to find out more, contact builders in your area. A contractor will be happy to help.


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