Shopfitting Tips For Your Retail Space

Posted on: 17 August 2021

A successful shopfitting project will give your business a competitive edge over your competition. Proper planning is a critical aspect of your shopfitting project. Remember, you may have to conduct expensive rehabilitation and repairs if the works are below standard. Besides, you may have to close your shop if you run out of funds before the project is complete. Well, this should not be your case after reading the extract below. It discusses how to plan for your shopfitting project. 

Start With Preliminary Assessments

Your assessments should start by identifying the location of critical utilities, such as water lines, gas lines and the wiring network in your shop. Further, establish the risks that you could encounter when conducting the shopfitting works. For example, the building could have asbestos walls, roofs, or insulation. Next, check the terms of the rental contract to determine restrictions that could affect the shopfitting works. For instance, you could be prohibited from changing the frontage of your shop. 

Determine The Required Improvements

Consider the following when deciding the elements of your shopfitting works: 

  • Create a layout for your shop. Ideally, you should ensure the shop looks spacious. Remember, customers will spend less time in a cramped shop, regardless of what you sell.
  • Think of how you can highlight some of your profitable items. For example, you could have large, strategically positioned displays.
  • Consider customer comfort. For instance, you could install an AC system, lounge or free wi-Fi.
  • Use lighting to set a store atmosphere and improve the appeal of items on sale. For example, backlighting on a shelf could make the items look appealing and luxurious.  


How much do you intend to spend? Ask a shopfitting expert to create a quote of how much the works will cost. Ideally, they should break down the budget into labour and material costs. Consider used materials as a way to reduce the shopfitting costs. For example, you could find floor tiles and lighting fixtures in excellent condition at demolition sites. Other than the budget, you will also need a timeline of the shopfitting works. Ideally, they should take the least possible time to prevent business interruptions.  

Avoid DIY Shopfitting; Hire An Experienced Contractor

When it comes to your business, you only want the best. Therefore, hire an experienced contractor to conduct the shopfitting works. The contractor should assess the proposed works and recommend changes that will enhance the appeal and functionality of your space. Besides, they should give guarantees on their work. 

When conducting shopfitting works, conduct preliminary shop assessments, determine the required improvements, budget for your project and hire an experienced contractor. 


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