Three Obstacles That You Should Consider When Choosing Your Scaffolding Hire

Posted on: 13 July 2021

Scaffolding is used for a wide variety of purposes, whether that be as part of an ongoing construction or simply to repaint the facade of a building. If you are looking at what type of scaffolding hire you need, you should first consider what obstacles you need to overcome. If the outside of the building you are working on is relatively flat and stable, then these obstacles will be kept to a minimum. However, odds are that you will have some problems that you need to face and fix, and here are a few common ones that you should keep in mind.


There are certain types of scaffolding that can be built around stairs as long as you remember to specifically look for them and not just assume all scaffolding can be erected on top of stairs, because that is not the case. These scaffolding constructions are a lot more complex than your average, freestanding scaffolding, and they need more anchor points and special legs that can be adjusted to the stairs beneath. This is certainly doable, and many construction sites use this all the time, but remember to keep in mind the length of the section that will be on the stairs and how high it goes.


The theory for building scaffolding on a slope is the same as it is for stairs, but with a much more gradual change. You may also find that some scaffolding hire places offer supports for you to place underneath the scaffolding, which will create an even surface instead of having to adjust the base of the scaffolding to the change in elevation. Before you make any final decisions, get a scaffolding contractor to come and have a look at the severity of the slope so that they can make an informed suggestion about which type of scaffolding you should hire.


Sometimes the obstacle isn't physical as much as it is time-based. If you need to work quickly then you should look at mobile scaffolding options. Some scaffolding comes on wheels that can be pushed along so that one piece of scaffolding effectively just works as a raised platform that you can move to your desired location. This is much less time-consuming than setting up traditional scaffolding but the downside is you have much less area to work with, so you have to finish each individual section before moving on. 


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