2 Benefits of Land Division

Posted on: 10 March 2021

If you own a large estate you may not have considered the benefits of subdividing your land into smaller lots. This article explores two of the benefits of land division. Read on to find out more!

Increased profits

If you own a large parcel of land, you can sub-divide it and sell each smaller lot as a stand-alone property. This way you can sell small parcels of land for profit without sacrificing control over your entire estate. If there's a particularly valuable building on the property that you don't want to subdivide (for example, a cottage in the middle of an island on your lake), you can keep this and let other lots surround it. Alternatively, you can upgrade an existing house and create a desirable piece of real estate that you can sell to generate capital for your business or family. You may even be able to rent out a lot as an investment property. The potential uses for subdivided lots are endless and only limited by your imagination and creativity.

Improved zoning

Zoned developments help local communities to grow. Developments are more attractive if they have a specific purpose such as housing or commercial buildings. You can subdivide the land and sell each smaller lot at a higher price, ensuring that you get the most money for your land when you sell. Because of this, there is no need to make sure that all of the lots are zoned correctly before subdividing them. You can create zoning for different zones at once (residential vs. agricultural etc.) You may have some areas of land that are suitable for residential use and other areas that are ideal for agricultural use. Subdividing your land allows these zones to remain separate, making the use of the land more efficient. This can also be a good idea if you want to grow crops for personal use rather than selling them.

Keep in mind that this strategy must be carefully planned. You can't expect to simply divide your land and reap the benefits. It's often more effective to work with an experienced solicitor and land division expert who can help you come up with a plan that will reap maximum benefit from this approach to land and property management. For more advice and information about land division, contact a local company which offers this service today. A member of staff will provide you with further assistance and support.

To learn more, contact a land division professional.


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