Benefits of Epoxy Flooring for Your Business

Posted on: 3 November 2020

If you're looking for a unique way to upgrade your retail store, cafe, warehouse, or other types of business, why not cover the floor with versatile epoxy flooring? To find out the benefits of such an upgrade, read on.

1. Durable

The flooring in a commercial space needs to be tough and durable to withstand foot traffic, spills, and possibly heavy machinery. Epoxy flooring is tough, and scratch and stain-resistant, so you can shift heavy objects and spill food, drinks, and chemicals without lasting consequences. The coating even resists hot tyre marks in garages. Once the resin and hardener are applied to a concrete subbase, the flooring cures to create a hard and almost impenetrable surface. 

2. Decorative

Commercial concrete contractors can cover these floors in an endless array of colours and textures to create the right look and feel for your company. They can add flakes to the epoxy mix to generate speckled granite-like surfaces. They can add pigments and metallic powders that produce a bronze look. In a retail food store, you could design a subtle, neutral grey floor full of crushed stones, creating a terrazzo look. Other possibilities include a bright cobalt blue floor or one that displays your company's logo.

3. Safe

The polish on epoxy floors can be deceptive in that it's easy to assume that shine equals slipperiness. However, the reverse is the case. The epoxy mixture can include an anti-slip additive, making the floor extremely safe. Thus, in commercial kitchens, or cafes, for example, your staff and patrons will be secure, so long as you clean up spills promptly.

4. Easy to Clean

Once the epoxy mixture cures, it covers the floor with a hard plastic that you can handily clean with a mop. Epoxy forms a continuous even surface rather than one riddled with grout lines that collect debris and moisture to grow mould and mildew. Thus, you won't need to waste time and money on excessive cleaning.

5. Strong

These floors produce solid surfaces that can carry vehicles, machines, and foot traffic. Concrete forms the under base for the epoxy mixture, which adds another layer of hardness. Because of its strength and durability, epoxy floors are perfect for public spaces. Thus, if you're searching for a material that suits commercial spaces, versatile epoxy flooring with its range of colours and textures provides an excellent choice. An anti-slip additive keeps customers and workers safe, and the surface is easy to clean.

For more information, contact commercial concrete contractors.


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