Beyond Style and Appeal: 4 Important Features to Look for When Buying Pool Tiles

Posted on: 27 August 2020

Choosing the right tiles for your pool can increase the visual appeal of your outdoor space. However, there is much more to pool tiles than style and appearance. Buying based on these two factors alone is not advisable as it can lead to costly mistakes and regrets in the future. Therefore, as you shop around for tiles, consider other factors too. With this in mind, here are four crucial features that you should look for in your new pool tiles.

High Slip Resistance Rating

All tiles that are used in wet areas should be slip-resistant. Both your pool and deck tiles should be anti-slip to prevent slip and fall accidents around the pool. However, note that different materials have varying slip resistance ratings. Some tiles have a higher resistance than others. To create a safe pull area for all users, go for tiles with a high anti-slip rating. Preferably, they should be approved by relevant authorities for use in swimming pools.

Durable and Functional

Unlike indoor tiles, pool tiles may be exposed to harsh conditions over time. The use of chemicals in the pool water can cause damage to some tiles. Tiling materials such as stone are highly porous and can suffer damage due to water exposure. Others suffer abrasions easily and can undergo wear during vigorous cleaning. When shopping, look around for high-quality and functional tiles. Some features to look for include the following:

  • Extremely low porosity to prevent water damage
  • High resistance to scratching
  • Less absorption
  • Less staining

Durable tiles will not only serve you for a long time but also maintain their curb appeal despite the harsh conditions in the pool.

Low Maintenance

Some tiles are more demanding than others when it comes to maintenance. For example, glass tiles should be handled with care to prevent breakage. Stone tiles in the pool deck require regular sealing to avoid water damage and staining. Unless you're ready to incur the high maintenance costs, it's advisable to choose low-maintenance tiles. Materials such as porcelain and ceramic are easy to clean and maintain.

Lifetime Guarantee

Buying pool tiles should be a one-time project. Replacing worn ones can be both expensive and complicated. Therefore, get a product that comes with a lifetime guarantee. Even though the tiles won't last a lifetime due to maintenance patterns, they will serve you for a reasonable period without needing replacement. Note that durable pool tiles are often expensive, but they will give you the best value for your money.

Purchasing the right tiles is only the first step in getting your dream pool. You need to hire an expert contractor for an excellent and durable installation job.


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