The Three Rooms You Should Consider Installing Acoustic Panelling In

Posted on: 29 May 2020

When planning how to decorate the interior of your home there are some obvious factors to choose from: art, furniture, appliances and so on. What many people fail to consider are more functional additions that could make life at home so much easier and more private. Acoustic panelling is one of those features that when you have it you wonder how you ever lived without it before. Not only does it make your home feel more secure from any neighbours, but it also keeps the noise down between people living under the same roof. Here are three rooms you really should consider getting acoustic panelling installed in.


The garage is the room where most Australians make the most noise in their entire house. From minor construction projects to mechanical adjustments on your car, many Australians like to consider themselves as fairly good with their hands and this is the room where those skills come out. Unfortunately, those skills often require quite loud machinery and tools which can annoy your family and the whole street. Acoustic panelling helps to keep those sounds from bothering everyone else while being virtually invisible to those inside the room. If you are someone who loves to get creative in the garage then you really should install some sound control measures.

TV Room

The TV or living room is the place many families gather to spend time together, from watching movies to your favourite sports team. Acoustic panelling will transform this room from just another place to one that has an amazing soundscape, providing deeper immersion into whatever is on screen. If you have ever wondered why it is so much easier to concentrate and focus in a cinema but not at home, a lot of that has to do with theatres maintaining strict conditions on the sound quality in each screening room. If you love movies or sport then acoustic panelling is a must-have.


Many Australians have weird sleeping schedules due to shift work or just generally not being able to sleep very well. Acoustic panelling can help keep outside noises where they belong and give you a more relaxing space to try and fall asleep in. Even if the noise is coming from within your house acoustic panelling can dull it down so that it fades into the background. It also means that if you like to watch TV or work on your computer with music in your bedroom that you can do so at all hours with no risk of annoying anybody.  


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