How to Choose a Deck Builder

Posted on: 15 July 2019

A deck is one of the best return-on-investment projects you can conduct in your home. Not only does it improve the value of your home, but it is the perfect place to hold family events such as birthdays and anniversaries. The extract below discusses a few considerations to make when choosing a deck builder. 


Work with a deck builder who is reputable for quality services. Some internet research or testimonials from previous clients may help you determine the professional's reputation. Further, the builder you choose must be licenced to conduct building works in your locality. 


What kind of deck do you want to build? The deck builder should provide you with a variety of deck designs. He or she must demonstrate expertise in deck construction. Some questions to ask include; 

  • What materials will be used? Hardwood such as teak and spotted gum are considered durable. You can also go for treated wood such as pine and Jarah.
  • What colour do you prefer? The builder should explain how the wood you choose will influence deck colour. For example, Blackbutt will give a pale brown colour while stringybark comes in yellow, white or red.
  • How will the builder prepare the site? He or she should visit your home to inspect the site before setting up a service.
  • What materials does the builder need? You may opt to purchase the materials if you have access to low-cost building materials in order to save money.


Compare quotes from a few builders before making your choice. Do not go for the cheapest — instead choose the builder that offers you value for your money. Remember to inquire about extra and hidden costs. For example, does the price include design costs? Also, ask for a standard contract detailing the payment, when you should make payments, contract expiration, and how to handle disputes. Ask your lawyer to go through the document to ensure your interests are safeguarded.  


Inquire how the builder will accomplish the works. For example, how many employees will he or she have on-site? Will the builder sub-contract some of the works? If so, ensure that he or she has a workers compensation cover for such personnel. If the decking contractor will use earthmovers on your property, make adequate preparations on how the machine will access your property. You may also need to inform neighbours of noisy conditions. 

If you decide to make changes to the original plan, put them in writing by amending the contract. 

A deck will significantly improve the appeal of your home. Choose an experienced deck builder who is easy to work with. Your choice of deck builder should also be licenced, experienced and professional. 


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