What You Should Know Before Hiring Portable Toilet Trailers for an Event

Posted on: 27 March 2019

An increasingly popular option when using a portable toilet hire for outdoor events is to use a toilet trailer. You may already know the basics about this option. You may know they can service more of your guests, have private stalls, and have family options. There are several other key points you should know before using this type of portable option for your event.

Flushing Options 

A key thing to know about most high-end portable toilet trailers is the ability to flush the toilets. There is no need to use chemicals or to worry about the odor that may come from the trailers during the event. The toilets are equipped to flush and move the waste away from the trailer and to a tank that will be moved off the property after the event. The tank will be emptied by the portable toilet hire you use, and will be included with the contract for the trailers and other portable equipment you choose.

Granite Countertops

You may not think of the countertops in a portable toilet trailer as being a key point, but to many of your event guests, it is. Most portable options have a simple sink and toilet area with no vanity or countertop space. The addition of granite countertops like those you would find in a traditional bathroom helps elevate the look and feel of the area and gives guests a sense of comfort. It makes them feel like they are at ease in the space and that it is part of the elegant outdoor event they are attending.

Running Water and Cleaning Stations

Running water and cleaning stations are vital to most of your event participants. Having more than just a sanitizing station means that guests can wash their hands, faces or the hands and faces of their children who may have made a large mess during eating or playing. The running water also allows gets to refill water jugs or containers they may have brought with them for children and for infants who are on powdered milk. This can all be done in the privacy of the toilet trailers.

These key points are just a few of the ones to consider before hiring a portable toilet trailer for your event. If you think this option may be ideal for your event, then contact your local portable toilet hire. They can offer available options, pricing information and help with delivery options. They can also offer you options you may not have considered for your event.


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