Factors to Consider When Desiging Marine Berthing Construction Projects

Posted on: 30 January 2019

If you're building a marina, you need someone to help you with marine berthing construction. To safeguard the value of your project and to make your marina as functional as possible, you may want to consider the following elements. Ideally, you should integrate the following elements when setting up the design for your marine berthing construction. 

Accommodations for Multiple Sizes of Boats

So that a wide range of boating enthusiasts can use your marina, you may want your berthing areas to accommodate a wide range of different boats. You may want spaces for small sailboats, but at the same time, you may want areas for large shipping vessels. Then, you can diversify your appeal to all kinds of different clients.

Flexible Arrangements

That said, your objectives may change throughout the years, and you may want to work with your berthing construction crew to set up your area so that the arrangements are flexible. For instance, if you have spaces that can house very large cargo ships, you may want to have a series of floating docks that can be inserted into that area so that it can be used by smaller boats.

Similarly, if you currently want to appeal to consumers, you may want your marina set up to hold shops near the berths. But if you eventually plan to switch to more commercial clients, you may want space to put conveyor belts or pipes in the area for easy unloading.

Combination of Solid and Open Structures

Berth construction usually falls into two main categories: solid structures and open structures. With solid structures, you build a vertical berthing structure, and then, you fill that with materials that hold everything in place. Solid structures provide a lot of strength and have the ability to support large weights. Open berth structures feature piles, and they are less complicated to build but not as strong. For the best results, you may want a combination. For instance, you may want a solid structure berth near the shoreline, but then, you may want that to transition into an open structure berth.


As you create your design, you may want to think about any safety associated issues associated with the ships that will be coming into your marina. If you are welcoming in oil and gas vessels, for example, you may want to put in standalone structures called dolphins. Then, these boats can load and unload without actually sharing a structure with any other boats.


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