Concrete Industrial Buildings: Planning for Your Tilt-up Panel Construction

Posted on: 12 January 2019

Tilt-up construction is a beneficial option to consider if you are preparing to build an industrial structure. The installation of concrete panels takes a shorter period of time than traditional construction. Also, this building method is less labour-intensive than alternative methods because the panels are put in place using cranes. In addition, tilt-up construction provides a lot of options in terms of design. However, it is essential to note that tilt-up panel construction requires a lot of planning. Here are crucial tips to help you achieve the best outcome. 

Choose the Right Concrete Mix 

The choice of concrete mix will determine the quality, strength and resilience of the panels. Therefore, it is important to discuss the different options with your contractor before the project begins. When selecting the best concrete mix, you should think about the properties that you would like your building to have. For instance, if you would like a stronger building with superior insulation and energy efficiency, it is advisable to consider reinforced concrete mixes.

Discuss Brace Anchors

You should inquire about the brace anchoring options provided by your contractors. As you might expect, the braces are essential elements in tilt-up construction. These elements are responsible for holding the panels in place. The anchors will keep the panels stable on the slab and join the panels to create a whole building. There are regulations governing the types of anchors used in this type of construction. Therefore, you should ensure that the contractor will provide the braces. If not, you can discuss acquisition from specialty manufacturers.

Plan for Equipment Hire

You should plan for equipment hire for your construction project. Acquiring the right equipment is critical for the successful completion of your work. When choosing equipment such as cranes, you should always keep the height and weight of the panels in mind. Do not select a smaller or unsuitable crane due to lower costs. If you do, it could cause workplace accidents. In addition, you will need to hire a replacement machine to complete the work. Where possible, you should choose equipment that comes with an operator unless you already have a qualified person on site.

Evaluate the Available Space

Finally, it is important to remember that tilt-up construction requires plenty of space. Therefore, you should ensure that there is enough room on your site for the placement of the tilt-up panels and the navigation of the equipment. Also, make time to clear away obstacles which could interfere with the setup of the panels on the site. 


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