4 Qualities That Make Metal Roofing an Environmentally Smart Choice for Your Home

Posted on: 16 December 2018

If you're currently in the market for a roof replacement for your old house and are keen on choosing an environmentally-friendly roofing material, a metal roofing reroof is an option worth considering.

Check out these four amazing reasons why metal reroofing is a great option for your home, and the environment.

1. It is long-lasting

The durability of metal roofing products makes them an excellent choice for the environment. This is because roofing material that lasts long minimises demand for new roofing products. This, in turn, reduces environmental impact resulting from the from-scratch manufacture of roofing products.

2. It is lightweight

Thanks to the lightweight design of metal roofing, a comparatively larger quantity of roofing products can be shipped to the construction site per trip. This minimises fuel usage during transportation and may also eliminate the need to tear down existing shingle roofs. 

If your local building department allows it, you can install a metal roof over an existing shingle roof. This can lead to faster construction time, but also reduces the amount of waste generated at your work site. A reduction in construction waste volumes is a good thing for the environment. 

3. It can help boost the energy performance of your home

As domestic electricity bills continue to hit the ceiling, it is becoming increasingly important for homeowners to save energy. Metal roofs can help reduce energy usage in homes by minimising solar heat gains and losses. All you need to do to reduce your reliance on HVAC equipment is to choose a roof colour that suits your local climate.

Light-coloured metal roofs are a great choice for homes located in hot climate areas, for example. This is because they can dissipate a significant amount of solar radiation away from the home, keeping your indoor temperatures down. This means you'll depend on the cooling service of your air conditioner less, thus leading to energy savings.

4. It is recyclable

The icing on the cake is that metal roofs don't become useless when they reach the end of their service life. These roofing materials will be taken to a metal recycling facility to be processed and used as recycled material. This helps give otherwise useless waste a new lease of life. Metal recycling helps minimise the demand for new metal material, thus aiding in the conservation of the environment. 

Proper installation of your new metal roof is vital to ensuring you get the most out of your investment. Consider hiring a professional metal roof installer to make sure your reroofing is done correctly the first time.


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