How To Choose Paint Colors And Other Design Elements For Your New Home

Posted on: 7 August 2018

While it might be exciting to have a home custom built, it can be difficult to know where to start when choosing all the elements for your brand-new home. So many choices need to be made. Particularly tricky is the choice of what paint color to choose for the walls and ceilings. 

What you can do is first choose other design elements that provide more limited options and then move towards making final decisions about paint color. Because the choices in paint colors are so vast, it is easier to match the wall color to other features in the room rather than to do the reverse.

Countertops, Tiling And Flooring

Firstly, an excellent place to start is to choose floor surfaces, countertops and tiling. Your options with these things will be more limited than paint colors in term of what's available. Also, price variance will probably be greater between different carpets, countertops and so on than between different colors of the same paint. When designing your new kitchen, it will be less limiting and easier to match the paint color to the benchtops, rather than choosing a countertop that coordinates with a specific wall color.

You might have an overall room color scheme in mind from the start. But you will have more freedom in choosing hard surfaces if you are not tied to a definite wall color. This way, if you find a carpet that you favor that moves away from your plan, you can simply adjust the wall paint color to complement the new carpet. 

Soft Furnishings

Once the flooring and countertops are settled, you can attack decisions on couches, bed covers, curtains, rugs and so on that coordinate. You might go backward and forward; for example, if you find a sofa you absolutely love that doesn't match the flooring, you might consider changing the flooring.

If you have existing soft furnishings that you are designing around, a couch and rug, for example, this provides a good starting point; you can choose hard surfaces and paint colors to match these.

Paint Colors For Walls And Ceilings

Lastly, you can finalize the paint color to complement the hard finishes and soft furnishings. While you may have started out with an overall color scheme in mind, after narrowing the field to arrive at preferred countertops, flooring and soft furnishings, your choice of wall paint color might have traveled a journey as well. It might differ significantly from what you began with, it might vary slightly or it might be the same. But having an open mind on wall color will provide more freedom in choosing other design elements with fewer options.

So while it can be challenging to know where to begin with home renovations and how to choose wall paint colors, methodically moving from components that offer the least freedom of choice to elements that provide the most freedom of choice is an excellent way to end up with an overall design and color scheme that looks great. A custom home builder should be able to give more specific guidance.


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