Your Pool Pump Selection Guide

Posted on: 25 May 2018

If you are a new pool owner, you may find it quite a daunting task choosing a pool pump to match your pool's needs. Pool pumps are quite costly and making mistakes in the selection is something you will want to avoid. There's a range of options in the markets when it comes to pool pump solutions, which means you will have to narrow them down by evaluating a few key aspects. If you are finding it difficult deciding what you need and what you don't concerning your pool pumping needs, here are some tips to help you.

Look at The Type of Pool You Have

The type of pool you have, like in-ground or above-ground, can make all the difference when it comes to the kind of pump that will work best for the pool. Generally, the type of pool you have will determine the location of the filter, which in turn determines the kind of pump housing mount that you need. There are two options when it comes to the pump housing mount: side-mount and top-mount pumps. If your pool's filter intake is at the same level as the pump, go for a side-mount pump. These pumps also work with diatomaceous earth (DE) and cartridge filters. On the other hand, if it's above ground, a top-mount pump would be the ideal choice. Sand filters will also require top-mounting because of the top-mount location of their multiport valves.

Consider the Speed of The Pump

Pumps run at different speeds, and it's essential to get the right one for your pool. When choosing pool pumps based on their speed rates, your options include single speed, dual speed and variable speed pumps. The difference usually comes down to the ability to regulate the speed of the pump when it's running, which is crucial because it affects the amount of power used. Single speed pumps, for instance, have only one speed setting, the HIGH setting. While these pumps may be comparably cheaper, they run at high speed all the time, which means they use quite a lot of power especially if they run full time.

When it comes to cutting down on power costs, dual speed pumps are a better alternative. They have both the LOW and the HIGH settings for speed, which means at peak usage hours or when your pool isn't in use, you can set your pool pump to run at low speed and save on power. If you are looking for a pump that will give you the highest value for your money, consider a variable speed pool pump. While they will cost you more than their dual and single speed counterparts, they are longer-lasting, quieter and more efficient.


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