4 Key Considerations When Selecting Outdoor Timber Decking for Your Home

Posted on: 24 October 2017

When shopping for timber decking for your outdoor residential space, you can easily be overwhelmed by the options available in the market, especially if you are a first-timer. Ordinarily, unpainted and unstained decking should last for at least 15 years. Further, oiling and painting the decking can give you an extended lifespan. However, the longevity of your decking will depend on factors such as the type of decking material and weather conditions. Here are some vital facts for first-time homeowners to consider before choosing timber decking.

Decking Thickness -- Industry experts always recommend that you bear in mind the thickness of decking material. Thicker timber boards have a higher price value compared to their thinner counterparts. Therefore, when you are on a bare bones budget, you might opt for thinner boards to save a buck. However, such a decision might be costly in the end because the decking will wear out after a few years. More specifically, thick boards of at least 25 mm can last a lifetime if well maintained.

Composite Decking -- A composite decking is a mixture of equal parts of plastic and wood fiber coupled with preservatives and pigments. The mixture is then heated to achieve the desired texture. The advantage of composite decking is that it is eco-friendly because of the use of recycled materials such as plastic and waste wood. Another advantage of this type of decking is the low maintenance regimen since you do not need to clean or apply coatings to the boards. In this case, the high initial cost of purchasing composite decking can be recouped in a few years through savings in maintenance costs. The downside of composite decking, however, is its susceptibility to staining and scratches, especially during high traffic.

Price -- Timber decking is a worthwhile investment that can raise not only raise the value of your property but also its visual appeal. However, a shrewd buyer should strike a balance between such an investment and the budget. You have a range of timber decking to choose from with various price tags. For example, cheaper decking can go for as low as 50 dollars per square meter while a quality decking can fetch hundreds of dollars per square meter. A rule of thumb is to stick to your budget and adopt a long-term maintenance schedule for your timber decking.

Weather -- Outdoor timber decking is prone to the effects of weather elements including sunlight, snow, bushfire, and excessive rain. The decking you choose should be highly resistant to weather conditions for longevity. Notably, the decking should demonstrate properties that are ideal for outdoor exposure such as hardness.


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