Why Hire an End-of-Lease Cleaning Service When Needed

Posted on: 11 July 2017

When you're ready to move out of an apartment or rental home for which you had to pay a cleaning deposit when you moved in, you may want to think about hiring an end-of-lease cleaning service. These professionals are a bit different than those who clean houses and apartments on a regular basis, and are also different than commercial or office cleaners. Note a few of those differences here, and why it's so important to hire these cleaners in particular when you're vacating a rented residence.

What landlords look for

What you need to have cleaned in your home or apartment on a regular basis may be very different than what your landlord looks at by way of cleaning after a tenant has moved out, and those differences may be surprising. For example, you may never think about cleaning inside your oven or cleaning the burners of the stovetops, or cleaning window blinds, every week or month. You may also only sweep or scrub the outside deck or patio only when needed. However, a landlord may check these items for their overall condition after you move out, and if they're not cleaned properly, this can cause you to lose your cleaning deposit.

You might also assume that the cleaning tasks you need to have done every week are important to do when you move out; however, a landlord may not worry much about things like clean mirrors or kitchen benchtops, as they may hire a cleaning service to handle very basic tasks before a new tenant moves in. To ensure the right cleaning jobs get done after your move out, without wasting time on unnecessary cleaning, hire an end-of-lease cleaning service that knows what is typically important to a landlord.

Extent of cleaning

The extent of cleaning that needs to be done at the end of a lease is easy to underestimate, and some standard home cleaning companies may not be prepared to do a thorough job of this cleaning. For example, it may take lots of extra work to clean an oven and other kitchen appliances after you've been using them for a year, as well windows, any outside spaces, and the like. Rather than spending literally hours and hours cleaning away grime yourself, or assuming that a standard home cleaning company will do a thorough job of this work, it can be good to leave this to an end-of-lease company. They will have sufficient personnel who can easily handle this work and ensure it gets done properly.


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