Home Renovations: 4 Items to Make Your Child Safer

Posted on: 16 May 2017

Are you planning a major home renovation project? Read on and discover some home improvements that you can make in order to reduce the risks that your baby or toddler may be exposed to within your residential property.

Install an Anti-Scald Device

Your child may still find his or her way into the bathroom despite your best efforts (such as installing door latch covers) to prevent that young child from wandering into the bathroom on his or her own. An anti-scald device can help to keep the temperature of the water in the bathroom within a safe range so that the child isn't injured if he or she plays with the water in the absence of an adult.

Install a Pool Cover

Your new swimming pool can also pose a danger to the safety of your young child. For instance, the child may wander to the pool area after someone forgets to lock the pool fence. That child can fall into the pool and drown. A safety pool cover can avert such a tragedy. This cover is so strong that someone can walk on its surface. Select the model with the highest weight rating so that it will still be effective as your toddler grows older.

Bells and Alarms

Toddlers are so active that they can easily slip away from the adults that are supervising them. Such kids may wander into rooms, such as the boiler room, where serious hazards exist. Use the opportunity of the home renovation to install an alarm or a bell on the doors to such rooms that are unsafe for children. The bell or alarm will alert you as soon as the child opens that door. You can then rush and get the child out before he or she is exposed to the risks in that room.

Indoor Gates

You can also install indoor gates in order to reduce the risks that your young child can be exposed to. For example, such a gate can be installed at each landing on the stairs. This can prevent the child from crawling up or down the stairs after sneaking away from your watchful eye.

Great home renovations start when you hire the best contractor for the project. It is therefore important for you to identify a contractor with experience in child-proofing a home so that he or she will recommend the most cost-effective way to enhance the safety of your little ones.


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