The Surprising Negative Effects of Sunlight in Your Home

Posted on: 1 May 2017

Excessive sunlight exposure in your home can cause considerable problems. It will often make the house too hot, and the brightness can be unpleasant on the eyes. Because of this, a lot of people spend their days with the curtains drawn or the blinds down, especially in the summertime. But why should you live in near-darkness just to stay comfortable?

Window tinting is an alternative option, that lets you enjoy natural light during the daytime whilst minimising the negative effects. But it's not just about heat and brightness. The UV rays of sunlight can cause a lot of other problems as well, some of which you might not even notice happening.

Colour fade

The colours of all sorts of items can be faded by exposure to UV rays, and often quicker than you might think. This means that furniture, art, books, clothing, carpets and even wooden floors can become damaged and look old before their time.

It's an effect that people don't often notice until it's far too late. For example, moving a piece of furniture and discovering a vast colour difference in the piece of floor that's been hidden.

Damage to plastics

Plastics can be seriously weakened by UV light, becoming brittle or sensitive and prone to breaking easily. You might not realise how much plastic you have in your home until things start to become damaged because of excessive UV exposure. It's a particular problem with CD and DVD collections, with all those plastic cases.

Harmful effects on the skin

Health is a far more serious concern than household items, and even though the risks at home are smaller than when out sunbathing, they can catch you out. UV rays are associated with premature skin ageing and cancer, and even the small amounts you may experience when sitting near a window can make a difference.

Damage to eyes

Lesser known than the impact to skin, the effect of UV on your eyes is that it can damage the tissues over time. There's a significant build-up effect, so minimising exposure in any way you can is a good idea. You'll be glad as you get older, when your eyes may be in a healthier state than others of your age.

Harm to the immune system

Another less known damaging effect of the sun is that ultraviolet light actually suppresses the immune system, preventing it from working at its most efficient. While the effect is strongest when sunburned, repeated exposure can really do damage over time.


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