Learn Some Basic Construction Specifications and Applications of Tennis Courts

Posted on: 1 May 2017

Tennis is becoming a popular sport across the world. For this reason, construction and maintenance of tennis courts is something you will encounter at one point when involved in the sport. Whether at a sports club, school, or college, the courts will wear at some point and having some basic skills on specifications and applications will give you a great start. The best specifications and applications of tennis courts ensure accurate decisions and reduces risks of injuries when playing. Go through some of the choices you may pick to design and customise a tennis court that meets your organisation's needs.

Specifications of Tennis Courts

Tennis courts can be constructed on a wide range of dimensions based on your budget and individual specifications. The various specifications can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your organisation. Various materials can be used to come up with these types of courts including;

Macadam: This is a hard porous surface that allows proper drainage of water. This ability prevents flooding which is a common cause of damaged tennis courts. Therefore, macadam offers sports surfaces that can withstand all weather conditions.

Synthetic Turf: This is a professional type of grass tennis surface that meets all the standard tennis accreditations and characteristics.

Polymeric Rubber Crumb:  This is a sudscape (SUD) compliant surface that allows proper draining of water. In addition, it has non slip qualities and offers a good ball bounce plane.

Synthetic Clay: This specification has the same characteristics as natural clay and provides quality experience for players.

Applications of Tennis Courts

Tennis court construction contractors can use a variety of paint coatings to offer various outlooks based on your desire. The coats can be made in many colours like red, green, and blue. Some of the applications are:

Polyurethane spray coat: This type of application enhances the surface of tennis courts with bright colours. It is durable and has an anti-slip quality that enhances the safety of players.

Acrylic non slip coating: This application is designed with safety characteristics to reduce any risks of injuries especially when being used by kids at sports clubs or schools.

Line Marking: All tennis courts must be of good quality and skid resistant. Line marking is very essential to offer the best performance characteristics. This application also ensures accurate decisions during tennis games.

It is necessary to create a maintenance routine for your tennis court by ensuring regular cleaning of the court surface to keep it in the best condition and improve its durability.


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