Three Things to Have in Mind When Constructing a Durable Asphalt Driveway

Posted on: 28 April 2017

Constructing a sturdy and durable asphalt driveway takes more than just acquiring the required materials and finding an experienced contractor. Although most driveways look appealing when they are new, time will determine whether the construction was done properly. A good structure should be able to withstand inclement weather and vehicle traffic without cracking or developing potholes within a short period. Here you will learn some essential practices that will help you construct a durable driveway that will withstand the elements and maintain its visual appeal.

Lay adequate foundation

Just like a building, an asphalt driveway requires a strong foundation to maintain its structural stability and integrity over the years. You need to lay down a sturdy aggregate base and a stable subgrade to prevent structural weaknesses. This requires that you get rid of the top unstable soil and get to the compacted soil that will firmly hold the foundation. A driveway with a weak foundation will be easily buckled by heavy vehicles such as trucks and trailers.  As you come up with a plan, have this in mind so that you can prepare the necessary workforce and equipment for making the foundation and laying a solid base.

Develop a sound drainage system

Stagnated water is an enemy of asphalt driveways. If a sealant isn't used on the surface, the water may seep through the asphalt and weaken the entire structure. After some time, the driveway may start to crack or develop potholes as the aggregates loosen due to the water. To avoid this, you need to prepare an efficient drainage system. This means that your driveway should have a slope to allow the water to flow away from it and prevent pooling. Consult a professional contractor who will assess the site and come up with a solid plan that will ensure good surface and subgrade drainage to extend the lifespan of the structure.

Acquire the right materials

Not all asphalt mixes are suitable for constructing a durable driveway. Since these structures are usually susceptible to brittleness as a result of weathering, there is a need to obtain the right mix if you want a long-lasting one. Ask your dealer for an asphalt mix that is suitable for driveway installation. Ideally, the mix should have more asphalt binder and fewer air voids as compared to those used in the construction of highways. Also, don't forget to obtain a quality sealing product to protect the surface from rainwater damage.

Installing a durable asphalt driveway requires the help of a professional. Contact an experienced contractor who will help you find the right materials, create a sound plan, and construct a structure that will withstand the elements.


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