Refit for Less: Tips for Revamping Your Business

Posted on: 28 April 2017

Few things excite regular customers as much as the promise of renovations to your business.  While they may once have forgotten to stop by, the knowledge that you're completely revamping your premises - whether the business is a retail store, a restaurant or anything else - they're likely to deliberately drop in after the work is complete just to see how the place looks.  Of course, this doesn't mean you should refit your business once a month.  It can be an expensive process, especially if it disrupts business.  As such, learning to make a change in your business's appearance on a small budget, and without closing down for too long, can really benefit you as an owner.  Here are a couple of tips.

Have the Walls Painted

This is especially effective if you're changing the colour scheme - but even just putting a fresh lick of paint on the walls will really improve the overall look of the place.  You'd be surprised how much of a difference it makes just to have those few scuffs and scrapes covered over.  Hiring a commercial painter to come in is a quick and cost-effective way of doing this.  You could do it yourself if you happen to be skillful enough with a paintbrush - but a professional painter can do a good job much faster than an amateur ever can.  Besides, having somebody in to do this job specifically leaves you free to oversee other aspects of the renovation.  If you do change the colour of your walls, you'll be surprised how much of an effect it has.  A fresh, light colour can make your room look open and inviting; a vibrant, deep colour adds uniqueness and interest.

Reupholster Furniture

This is especially true of restaurants - but simply having your chairs or booths reupholstered can completely change the look of the room.  It's much cheaper than replacing the furniture altogether - and if you did choose to hire a painter, as recommended earlier, then you could also have your furniture repainted at the same time, before the new fabrics are applied.

New Signage

Perhaps this will be the most expensive part of your renovation - but replacing the signage outside your business is the best way of signalling your new interior to passing trade.  Customers will see the changed appearance of the outside, and it will tempt them to step in and take a look.  This doesn't mean you need to rebrand your business, of course; if you like your existing signage, this could be as simple as having them repainted, cleaned, or lit up differently.  Whatever you choose, it will still send the same signal to your customers.

Refitting your business proves to both customers and competitors that you're committed to improving your business, and changing with the times.  This is a positive message to put out, and it will likely make you feel good about what you've created too.


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