6 Tips to Help You Reduce Office Clutter

Posted on: 27 April 2017

Clutter around the office can make it hard for your staff to concentrate and be effective. Luckily, there are numerous things you can do to stay on top of office clutter and keep your office functioning smoothly. Take a look at these ideas.

1. Go Paperless

If you want to cut down on messy stacks of paper and excessive office waste, it helps to go paperless. Thanks to a spate of exciting new apps, it's easy to share documents, collaborate on projects and even capture signatures without printing a thing.

Consider implementing some new programs and work flows into your business. You may need to set aside a couple of days for training and answering questions, but once you reduce the amount of paper floating around your office, you directly reduce office clutter.

2. Have Ample Waste Bins Around the Office

Even if you cut down on paper, your staff are going to have things that need to be thrown away. Soft drink bottles, lunch containers, paper clips, old folders and other items can end up cluttering up work spaces if your staff doesn't have any easy spot to pop those items.

To help, scatter ample waste bins around the office and in the lounge or break areas.

3. Institute a Clean Desktop Policy

The best way to stay on top of clutter is to tackle it daily. To ensure your employees don't let their cubicles or desks get too cluttered, you may want to consider instituting a clean desktop policy. With this type of policy, you require that all employees have their desks clean and free of paperwork at the end of the day.

To help, you may also want to assign management or support personnel to go around the office and organise anything that is out of place.

4. Focus on Storage Solutions

It's impossible to put things away if they don't have somewhere to go, and storage solutions can help. Make sure your storage closets have ample drawers and shelves to keep office supplies, cleaning products and other items organised.

Also, make sure your employees have what they need. Consider providing your employees with extra bookshelves, filing cabinets, drawer dividers and desktop organisers. Even cable organisers can help to make the space look tidier.

5. Schedule Regular Clean Up Days

To stay on top of office clutter, you may want to institute regular cleaning days. You may want to set aside some days for regular tidying and other days for more intensive organisation.

For example, you may want to set aside some time at the end of every week for employees to go through files, samples and other items and get rid of what they don't need. In addition, you may want to set up a time monthly to go through filing cabinets, and you may want to set aside a day every quarter for cleaning up everything that you don't need from broken furniture to old electronics.

On cleaning days, you may want to hire a skip bin, or arrange for an extra pick up day with your regular waste disposal company.

6. Make Sure You Have the Right Size of Skip Bin

It's also important to ensure you have ample rubbish removal services. In particular, you need a skip bin that can accommodate all of the waste your office produces. If your skip isn't large enough, you may end up forgoing tossing out some items.

To explain, let's say a desk chair breaks, and it's irreparable. If you don't have room in your skip bin, you may put it in a closet. Stuff like that can build up over time.

To get on top of your clutter, consider hiring a skip bin and having a big clean up day. Contact a skip bin hire company for more information by visiting sites like http://www.cheaperbinhire.com.au.


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