Holiday Security Tips for Your Home

Posted on: 20 December 2016

The holiday season is a great time to enjoy and relax. While that might be the case, burglary rates tend to rise during this time of the year. Many factors contribute to the rise in crime during the holidays. For instance, people bring home expensive gifts such as jewelry and electronics. Others travel out of town leaving no one at home.

To protect your home during the holidays, do the following:

Install top-quality locks

Your locks are what stand between your valuables and a would-be thief. Do you currently have worn-out or flimsy locks? If yes, then it's high time you replace them. Top quality locks not only slow down thieves but prevent them from accessing your house. Hire a professional locksmith to fit deadbolts and locks on your screen doors, windows and doors.

Install an alarm system

In addition to installing alarm systems, they should be monitored too. In case your alarm goes off, contact a runner service or security guard company. If you'll be out of town for the holidays, make sure you notify your security company of the same. Additionally, don't leave your alarm codes lying in plain sight. Lastly, before your departure, ensure you arm your alarm system.

Avoid broadcasting your plans

An innocent 'Woohooo, off for the holidays in Hawaii' post on Instagram or Facebook is all a professional burglar needs to know you aren't around. While sharing a photo of your family on holiday is welcomed, ask yourself what other information you might be broadcasting.

The other thing you need to do to conceal information is to check security settings on Facebook or any other social media sites. Only add people who you actually know. It's prudent to post your holiday photos only after you're back.

Make it look like you're around

If your letterbox is full of junk mail, catalogues, and mail, then it's an indication that your house is unattended. It definitely sparks interest from thieves. Ask a neighbor or family member to check your letterbox while you're away. Furthermore, ensure bins are out for collection.

Do you have milk, bread, or paper delivered? If yes, then don't forget to have them suspended.

Lock up everything expensive

Do you have expensive jewelry or any other item, which you can't replace at home? You need to store them inside a safe. Ensure that the safe is installed properly. Poorly installed safes compromise the security of contents. Always remember that installation is important just like the safe itself.

As you enjoy your holidays, locally or abroad, ensure your home is safe by employing the above strategies.


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