4 Important Features a Pet Door Should Have

Posted on: 15 November 2016

It can be difficult for the inexperienced pet owner to select the best pet door that he or she would like to install in a newly acquired home. This article discusses some of the key features that you should look out for as you narrow down your options for a pet door to install for your dog.

Double Flaps

Select a pet door that has two flaps. Such a door has several advantages, such as providing better insulation as your dog moves in or out of the home to the yard. Such flaps should also be flexible so that they can open in any direction without hurting your dog as it attempts to exit or enter the home.

Wind Resistance

Compare the different pet doors on the market in terms of their wind resistance. Pick a pet door whose wind resistance is superior to all the others available. The magnets that are installed in the pet door usually provide this wind resistance. Consider buying a pet door that has a provision for installing additional magnets in case the wind in your area becomes stronger than you had anticipated.

Security Panel

There may be times when you would like to lock the pet door. For instance, you may wish to lock that door at night. A security panel enables you to lock the pet door when the need arises. The best security panels usually lock into grooves on three sides of the pet door. 

Pivot Point

Pay attention to the pivot points of the different pet doors that are on the market. Some pet doors pivot on a hinge. Others pivot on a rod. Avoid buying a pet door that pivots on a hinge. This is because such a door will easily be damaged as force is exerted on the hinge numerous times. Door flaps that pivot on a rod aren't subjected to such stresses because the rod allows the flap to have more room to move as the pet makes contact with it.

Discuss your needs with a residential carpenter so that you get professional help in determining several factors, such as the best location for that pet door. That expert will help you to select the best door for your needs. He may even fabricate a custom pet door so that the pet door becomes a beautiful addition to your door or wall. With the right points in mind for your door, you can get the best kind for your pet and for you.


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